• May 20Middle School Dance -- 5/31 from 6 - 9 pm

  • May 7Softball Team Beats Palisades Park HS 19-8

  • April 2Softball Team Wins First Game of the Season!

  • April 1Step Team Video now Online

  • March 31No new schedules to be printed for MP4

The METronome

2018-2019 Staff

Ashlie Gonzalez

Staff Writer

Yes, Ashlie with an “ie”.  Sbe's 14 years old and was born in the Dominican Republic. She loves music and loves being loud.  "It's not that I'm ghetto, I'm just loud and extra. If people knew me better, they would know that...

Christina Campoverde

Staff Photographer

Christina Michelle Campoverde is a freshman at M.E.T.S. Charter School. Music is everything to her and she loves Netflix. She is striving to pass all her class with As.

Darice Moore

Feature Reporter & Interviewer

Darice is a senior contributing feature reporter and profile interviewer.

Natalie K. Amaya

Hororscope Contributer

This 12th grader has been our zodiac horoscope contribiuter and movie reviewer.  She is excited to graduate from METS and is busy going to school and working full time.  She can't wait to begin the next stage of her life.

Isaiah Rojas

Staff Writer

Isaiah is a football player and a retailer.  He likes being helpful.  

Luisa Guance

Feature Reporter & Interviewer

Luisa is a senior at METS who investigates, reports, and covers social news for our feature coverage.  Luisa's part time job includes serving and decorating at events held at a trendy restaurant lounge in Jersey City.  When...

Anthony De La Rosa

Feature Reporter & Interviewer

Anthony is senior at METS who enjoys video games, watching movies, and getting ready to graduate.  He is a feature and news reporter for The Metronome.  Anthony is one of the few students who has been with METS from 6th grade...

Pariss Moore

Movie Reviewer

Pariss Moore is a senior at METS who writes movie reviews and feature stories for The Metronome.  She enjoys action movies regularly and dislikes campy comedies.  She's busy applying for scholarships and filling out applications...

Marcus Alicea

Video Game Reviewer

Marcus is a senior at METS who enjoys playing sports and video games in his free time.  Currently, Marcus is splitting his free time between working with his uncle's construction company and making senior memories.  With his...

Jillary Altamirano

Sports & Feature Reporter

Jillary is a senior here at METS who dedicates most of her free time to her graduating class.  She is always helping run fundraisers, making pens, or hanging posters to ensure all seniors have an unforgettable year.  She is...

Lavar English

News Reporter

Lavar English is a senior at METS who enjoys pursuing his interests in medicine, surgery, and nursing.  He is a new news reporter to the school newspaper.

John Meza

Feature Reporter & Interviewer

John is a sophomore here at METS who enjoys film, sports, and photography.  He is also a chess master at the METS Chess club who has battled opponents from all age groups - and won!

Marquise Nesmith

Feature Reporter & Interviewer

Marquise is a senior at METS who has recently joined the staff of the newspaper as a feature story reporter and profile interviewer.  Marquise enjoys learning and bettering himself until his journey allows him the opportunity...

Ms. Sinisi

Volunteer Assistant Adviser

Tricia Sinisi has joined the staff of our newspaper as a Volunteer Assistant Adviser to Ms. Morello.  She has been a teacher at METS since the school opened at the Downtown location.  She is a High School English Teacher who...

Paula Maglione

On the Beat Reporter

Paula Maglione is a senior here at METS.  She has been a reporter for The Metronome for 2 years (last year & this year).  She writes news, feature stories, and edits many submissions when she has time.  Paula is also a...

Tiffany Rampersad

Staff Writer

Tiffany Rampersad, a senior, plans to go onto studying physical therapy in college. At M.E.T.S., she is known for her glamorous make-up and spends her after school hours managing the M.E.T.S cheerleaders. ...

BryAnne Freeman

Staff Writer

Bry'Anne is the oldest daughter in her family. She has lots of responsibilities; however, she balances school and home duties. She never fails to exceed academically and plans to go to college next year with the same outstanding...

Genesis Beltre

Staff Writer

Genesis is a 14 year old Dominican freshman. She loves going shopping, spending time with her friends, getting her nails done and doing her hair.

Samuel Murat

Sports Writer

Sammy is 14 years old. He loves brushing his hair, gets A’s and B’s, loves shopping for sneakers and is very chill.

Lizzie Reyes

Staff Writer

Lizzie lives a very busy life with school, sports and family, but is able to balance it all well. She has a very close relationship with God and always keeps her faith. She plans to go to college next year.

Stephanie Manzanarez

Staff Photographer

Stephanie  is 17 years old and wants to major in Business. She loves Dragon Ball. She's very creative. She is proud to be from Nicaragua. Yeeer, add her on the snaaaaps @sky_squad. ...

Lisbeth Evangelista

Staff Writer

Lisbeth is an outgoing senior who speaks her mind. She’s also very proud. She has been a METS student since 7th grade.

Chrystyna Senyshyn-Palka

Staff Writer

Chrystyna Senyshyn-Palka, a volleyball addict, plays varsity on the METS Charter School girls' volleyball team and is the boys' volleyball manager. She loves to sing and wants to become a clinical psychologist for children. ...

Aneesah Lawrence

Staff Writer

Aneesah is a freshman at METS charter school. She is 14 years old and she's a Taurus ♉. Aneesah is a dancer and in her future wants to become a choreographer.

Victor Ventura

Staff Photographer

Victor is 15 years old; he is proud to be Dominican ( Platano Power). His favorite show is  The Flash. He loves to write and to play Fortnite.  He likes the color pink.

Jashiya Williams

Food Columnist

Jashiya likes to do what Jashiya wants to do. Her favorite friend is herself and they like to watch TV together.

Akosua Asante

Student Editor

Akosua Kwakyewaa Asante is a High Honor Roll Freshman at M.E.T.S Charter School. In her future she wants to be involved in the medical field. Fun Fact about Akosua: her birthday (March 14th) is the same day as Pi Day and Albe...

Ms. Morello

Staff Writer

Mrs. Morello has been teaching for 7 years, but she has been at M.E.T.S. for about 3. Her hobby is cooking and her favorite food is ice cream. She doesn't like a specific genre of movies, but her favorite is Crazy Stupid Love. ...

Aileen Diaz

Staff Writer

Aileen Diaz is a 9th grader and new to METS. She loves food, dogs and Billie Eilish.  Her favorite color is blue so she is always in uniform.


Advice Columnist

Doce Rosas is The METronome's anonymous advice columnist. Reach out to Doce Rosas with questions about your love life, or anything else!

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