METS 8th Graders Take 1st and 3rd Place in Hudson County Essay Contest

Facing challenges pays off in more ways than one


Jorge Cuatle and Dawn Lozano were awarded First Place and Third Place in the Hudson County School Counselor’s Association essay contest.  The contest was open to Hudson County middle-schoolers; students were asked to write an essay of 300 – 500 words describing a time they encountered an obstacle, challenge, set back, or failure.  The students were also asked to describe how they handled that situation and how that challenge shaped them into the person they are today.

Jorge was awarded a $75 gift card while Dawn walked away with $25.  Jorge wrote a very personal account of being a native Spanish speaker; Dawn’s essay chronicled the stresses of parental expectations.

The second place winner attends P.S. 27 on North Street in Jersey City.