Tory Burch Company Hosts METS Art Students

Stephanie Manzanarez, Staff Writer

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New York City is full of excitement, fashion, lights, people, cameras and action. Visiting the Tory Burch company has inspired me. I have seen another side of myself. Fashion has so much to do with colors, ideas, creativity etc. There’s so much work and passion put in to it. Teamwork is also important in this aspect. Everything has a process at the Tory Burch company: clothing, models, and preparation.

Usually designers are old, and they aren’t really involved with their employers. Tory Burch collaborates a lot with her team and is always present at shows. Some people that I met at the company say she is a very nice woman. After receiving $2 million from her ex-husband, she started designing clothes in her kitchen.

Something creative that I liked about the company, is that they are always up to date with today’s fashion; they are also always on social media looking at whatever is new. To make something new, they prepare a year in advance. Another thing I noticed, is all the colors they use and how organized they are with coordinating them. Nudes and neons are incorporated. They also use a lot of snake skin. Aside from handbags, colors, and details, their sandals, boots, etc. are phenomenal!