World Civ is Burnin’ Up

Mrs. Burns is the new History teacher who arrived at  M.E.T.S Charter School last month; she is very humble and respectful towards everybody. Before Ms. Burns was here the students at METS had no History teacher. It was a very hard time for students because the marking period was ending and they hadn’t learned anything. She came to save the day — fully prepared and ready to help all her new students pass. She has a passion for teaching her students and helping them succeed in life

      Mrs. Burns has loved History since she was a young child and she wanted to teach History when she grew up.  She was also very curious and wanted to know why things happened; she knew that if she studied history she would understand the world. Years before she became a teacher she was a salesman and worked in the national buying office of Barnes and Noble and Amazon. She has made the right choice to become a teacher and she is very proud.

We spoke to her about her new job here.

When asked how long she has been teaching, she explained how she has had her teaching degree for about 10 years; she has been a substitute teacher, but this is her first actual teaching job. Mrs.Burns has been interested in world civilizations since she was five years old and is very excited to be teaching in METS this years. She has enjoyed her time at METS and enjoys the staff and students she has met so far. Therefore, she plans on staying here for a long time.