Should You “Stay at Daisy’s”?

Christina Campoverde, Staff Writer

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Jill Mansell has been writing novels since 1991 and is one of the bestselling female British writers of this century.  Most of her novels are what is called “chick lit”, and Staying at Daisy’s is no different.

One of the main characters, Tara, is trying to find love in her life. She’s in the right place as it seems that Daisy’s hotel has plenty of prospects.

I like this book because the setting reminded me of high school — lots of relationship drama!

Daisy is having a hard time at the hotel; everyone gives her an attitude but she manages to treat them nicely. And on top of that, there’s a recently married couple spending a couple of nights at the hotel and the wife is accusing Daisy that she is falling in love with her husband, but the husband is actually flirting with Daisy. And poor Daisy is just trying to do her job.