Meet the new VP

Lizzie Reyes, Staff Writer

Ms. Stephanie Nieves is the amazing new Vice Principal at METS Charter School. She began working here about a month ago. Her first impression was that METS Charter School is a “great middle school & high school that offers great opportunities and extra-curricular activities.” She elaborates by saying that METS also offers many ways that the staff can contribute to the community. This all makes it feel like home to our new VP.

Ms. Nieves has had varied experiences in her education career.  She has been a Spanish teacher in New Jersey and an administrator in East Harlem, New York (a role very similar to Vice Principal). Ms. Nieves plans on implementing positive incentives in the METS Charter School community to promote students’ arrival at school on time and to reduce unexcused absences. She is planning an ice cream social at the end of the fourth marking this year.  In the following years, she is planning different fun activities at the end of each marking period in order to catch the students’ attention and to motivate them to maintain perfect attendance each marking period.

Ms. Nieves is very grateful to be here thus far. She feels very welcomed, which makes her glad to be here and to work alongside wonderful students and staff.  Ms. Nieves is devoted to continuing her new initiatives into the future.