How to Behave on Public Transportation

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How to Behave on Public Transportation

Aileen Diaz, Staff Writer

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Proper etiquette on public transportation is important to have. As METS students who wear uniforms with METS on them, we represent METS on public transportation. When we don’t show courtesy and respect, we represent METS in a negative way. The following are things that show proper etiquette.

Using transit tickets properly.

The school doesn’t give you transit tickets so you can misuse them and, if you misuse them, the school can’t provide extras. So next time you’re on the lightrail take 10 seconds to get your ticket stamped and only use your tickets on the bus to get to school and back.

Don’t cross in front of the bus when it is not your turn to cross

When you exit the bus, make sure the light is red for the cars and green for pedestrians. Getting to school on time isn’t worth getting run over by the bus or oncoming cars.

Don’t hold up others on the bus.

If you don’t have your fare or transit ticket ready, let others go in front of you. If you were trying to get on the bus early in the morning, would you want to wait outside the bus for someone to spend time looking for coins in their purse?

Don’t play music out loud/act obnoxiously

You’re not the only one on the bus and your fellow passengers will most likely either be tired and on their way to work or tired and coming home from work so be respectful of the fact that no one wants music blasting in their ears on the bus/light rail.

Give your seat to others if needed

If you’re sitting in a seat specified for disabled riders and you see someone who is disabled, and  it’s a law that you can be asked to move for them; so, just make it easier on yourself and move once you see them.

Don’t litter

Throwing your garbage around isn’t going to help anyone. The buses and the light rail are rarely ever cleaned and no one wants to be riding in a dirty bus or light rail. So be respectful and don’t leave trash around that other passengers will have to deal with.