Students Rally to Support Spring Sports


On Friday, March 29th, M.E.T.S hosted its first pep rally in over two years and filled the day with fun activities for the students and teachers. The afternoon was planned to hype students up from the upcoming spring sports season while also giving the students a bit more fun with their teachers.

To open the event, a group of teacher cheerleaders, captained by Ms. Georges and coached by Ms. Zamora, danced to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. Following that, the M.E.T.S cheerleading team showed the teachers what they were up against while doing their most popular cheers. After both cheer teams, and the step team, showed their skills, it was time for the first main event of the evening, The Highland Games.

The objective of the games was to work with your team to carry the object of choice back and forth once by each teammate; in this case, the object either being a duffel bag filled with stacks of paper or a weight. These games pitted 3 student teams against the teacher team and the teachers won by a hair in speed.

Next, there was the basketball tournament between the students and teachers. Again, there were three teams for students and one team of teachers. To no one’s surprise, the teachers took one more victory in this tournament making the score 2-0 for the teachers.

To close out the event the athletes for spring sports was introduced; the cheer team and step team were introduced, as well . After witnessing the games, the mood of the gym was very fun and everyone had a good time seeing their teachers and peers battle it out in the different games.

*Advisor’s note: The Step Team video is now available to watch.