Made in Heaven

Akosua Asante, Staff Writer

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Around METS Charter School there is a new ice cream store called “Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream & Crepes”. The address is 312 Central Ave. The service is great and the workers are extremely friendly. The place is very clean, everything is fresh and they give you a large variety of flavors to choose from. They sell different types  of ice cream, sweet crepes, and milkshakes. The way they make the ice cream is creative and you are allowed to watch them make whatever you ordered. Walking into the store brings smiles to many customers, especially children. If you ever plan on visiting the store I would recommend the “City Of Angels” which is coffee flavored ice cream with oreo made into rolls. When I was there, I spent $6.40. 

I recommend anyone to visit this place because of its great service, the large variety of choices, and their reasonable prices.