The Scottish Play Inspires Students to Play Highland Games

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Students in Ms. Casella’s class completed their reading of Macbeth and ended the unit with their take on the Scottish Highland Games. These games, similar to what we see in Heavy Man competitions, were partly invented by the real King Malcolm, who is also a character in the play. Students were required to research the original games and create their own games based on the historical context of the competition. Students were also required to select a Scottish-Gaelic name to add authenticity to their group.

They presented their information to the class and competed in the gym. On Thursday February 7, 2019, the winners from each of Ms. Casella’s classes competed against each other during extended homeroom for a grand prize of $10 gift cards to Gino’s Pizza. All of Ms. Casella’s students gathered in the gym to support their classmates. The grand prize winners were Daniel Guzman, Hector Ramos, Elias Tzourous, and Stanley Nunez of  The Gaisgeach Clan, roughly translated to The Warrior Clan.