That book (you didn’t read last summer) now on Broadway — 8th grade applauds TKAM

The 8th grade classes went to New York to see To Kill a Mockingbird, Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of the classic novel. Mrs. Bouchard, Mrs. Saus and Mrs. Morello took 27 students to see a Wednesday matinee. The students all crammed onto the 119 to  the Port Authority bus terminal and then walked over to the Shubert Theatre.  After a quick trip to McDonald’s, of course, they settled in for the three hour play. The day ended with a short wait at Port Authority (see photos) for the trip back to Jersey City.

The students’ favorite character, by far, was Calpurnia, played by LaTanya Richardson Jackson. They also recognized Jeff Daniels, from Dumb and Dumber, as Atticus.  The one disappointment was that the children — Scout, Jem, and Dill — were all played by adults.

There were many other schools attending the matinee and the student balcony was quite crowded.  METS students were shocked to hear the murmurs of surprise from the other attending students; it seems that the METS students were the only ones who had read the book before seeing the play.