Tzai`jien, Mr. Chen!

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Tzai`jien, Mr. Chen!

Mr. Chen Always Kept us Smiling!

Mr. Chen Always Kept us Smiling!

Mr. Chen Always Kept us Smiling!

Mr. Chen Always Kept us Smiling!

Marquise Nesmith, Profile Interviewer

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Over the years, some teachers had come and others have left METS.  Mr. Chen, the Chinese teacher, is about to leave METS, Jersey City, and move to Chicago.  Before he left, The Metronome got a chance to sit down with Mr. Chen and ask him about his time here and what lies ahead for his future.  

The Metronome:  Why are you leaving mets?

Mr. Chen:  I grew up in Chicago. Moving allows me to be closer to my family.

The Metronome: How long you been working here in Mets?

Mr. Chen:  I have been working at METS for 3 years.  I really got to know everyone while taking photographs for the school at the extra events.  I’ve attended sporting events, dances, competitions, proms, and even graduation practices. The students are their best when they are members of after school clubs, teams, or competitions.  

The Metronome: What did you find that you liked about this job?

Mr. Chen:  The students, the Teachers, all the staff and also the neighborhood.  Jersey City really opened up to make me feel welcome. I have always loved getting to know our students, taking pictures, and seeing our students do their best.

The Metronome:  What did you learn from being here?

Mr. Chen:  That Jersey City kids are the best!

The Metronome:  What did you dislike about your job?

Mr. Chen:  I wish I had his own classroom and all the teachers had their own parking spots!

The Metronome: What are your best moments at METS?

Mr. Chen:  When I help a student do something that they thought they couldn’t, I enjoy seeing their faces when they actually succeed.   When they show that they have defied expectations, it is one of the best feelings in the world.

The Metronome: What is your new Job?

Mr. Chen:  Teaching.

The Metronome:  How far are you from the school?

Mr. Chen:  It is 15 minutes away from each other.

The Metronome: Would you come back to visit and tell us about your new house and job?

Mr. Chen:  Once a year, when school is about to get out for the summer, I will try to visit my students and colleagues.  

The Metronome: What message would you leave your students?

Mr. Chen:  Have a great time in high school and work hard!  

The Metronome:  How were you treated during your time at METS?

Mr. Chen:  I would rate my experience 9 out of 10 stars. it was a ride of happiness and learning.

The students and staff at METS wish Mr. Chen the best of luck in his move to Chicago.  We hope to see him soon when he returns for a visit or to attend graduation as a guest.  We are grateful to have had his camera capturing student life at it’s best!  You will be missed, Mr. Chen.