Robin Hood Gets a Modern Interpretation

"Taron Egerton played Robin Hood well but, his character could have been better developed."

John Meza, Movie Reviewer

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Robin Hood is an Action/Adventure movie, screening for 1 hour and 56 minutes. The movie was filmed at different locations being in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and in Le Raincy, France. The rating for the film is PG-13. Taron Egerton is the main actor, playing as the famous Robin Hood, with supporting actor Jamie Foxx. Other actors are Jamie Dornan, Eve Hewson and Ben Mendelsohn. Directing the film is Otto Bathurst, who is known for directing the first episode of Black Mirror.

After returning home to England from fighting in the Crusades, Robin of Loxley begins training with Little John, an Arab fighter he came across in battle. Together, they team up with Marian, Robin’s former love interest, in an effort to take down the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham.

In my opinion, the movie itself was a decent movie. The plot was well thought out and there wasn’t many flaws as I expected to see in it. Taron Egerton played Robin Hood very well but his character could’ve been more developed to show how much he improves during the film. Side characters also have a slight role in the film obviously but Marian, Eve Hewson shouldn’t have had such an impact on the main character. It was understandable for Little John, Jamie Foxx to have such an impact on Robin given their backstory but it just didn’t make sense how Robin’s former love interest had a bigger impact than Little John.

Overall, I would give the movie a rating of 4 out of 5 stars because of these few mistakes and unrealistic character development. The movie is now screening at your local theater so, give it a watch.