Ms. Mitchell Keeps us Secure and Keeps it Real!

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Ms. Mitchell Keeps us Secure and Keeps it Real!

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With African-American history month upon us, The Metronome took a look around campus for some of the unsung heroes who keep METS safe, running, and asked them to talk to us about their careers and lives.  Ayesha Mitchell, the smiling face behind the first floor security desk, has been a new addition to the new security upgrades METS underwent since last year.

The Metronome:  Please state your name for our readers.

Ms. Mitchell:  Ayesha Mitchell.

The Metronome:  What made you become a security guard?

Ms. Mitchell: As a security guard, I wanted to keep people safe.

The Metronome:  What training did you have to take to becoming a security guard?

Ms. Mitchell: I had to take a sixteen hour training course for your SOSA license and get approved by NJ state Police.

The Metronome:  What do you like best in this profession?

Ms. Mitchell: I like that I get to work in different environments and with different people.

The Metronome:  Where did you work before coming to Mets?

Ms. Mitchell: I worked at a condo residential.

The Metronome:  As a Security Guard what type of skills do you need?

Ms. Mitchell: You need communication, total awareness, and also be demonstrative.

The Metronome:  Have you also wanted to be a security guard since your childhood?

Ms. Mitchell: No, I chose this type of work to help pay for school in college.

The Metronome:  What are the main duties of a security guard?

Ms. Mitchell: You need to secure the building, check the cameras, and verify the personal at your site.

The Metronome:  Why is a security guard important?

Ms. Mitchell: The security guard is important to help the teachers and administration keep our students safe and to remain in control.

The Metronome:  How much do security guards make?

Ms. Mitchell: Some guards make as less a twenty two thousand a year and some make most as forty thousand a year.

The Metronome:  What are your future goals?

Ms. Mitchell: My future goals are to be a successful real estate broker and own most of the black wall street in Atlanta, GA.


The Metronome wishes Ms. Mitchell good luck and would like to thank her for taking time out of her busy day to speak with us candidly.