The Metronome Profiles Ms. Maldonado-Diaz

The Metronome Interviews Another Valuable METS personality!

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The Metronome Profiles Ms. Maldonado-Diaz

Ms. Maldonado-Diaz has been supporting METS for five years.

Ms. Maldonado-Diaz has been supporting METS for five years.

Ms. Maldonado-Diaz has been supporting METS for five years.

Ms. Maldonado-Diaz has been supporting METS for five years.

Paula Maglione, Profile Interviewer

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Everyone knows Ms. Gladys Maldonado Diaz who has been a familiar face around the halls, in the office, and at security for several years.  Ms. Maldonado has worked for METS Charter School for the last five years contributing to many programs after school. Ms. Maldonado works hard to keep the METS’ parents happy. Also, she keeps track of all the kids who walk through the doors. On a personal level, she loves to dance and used to be a amazing ESL teacher in Purtorice. Ms Maldonado is an essential help to many students in a variety of ways to help METS run. She has always greeted our students with a smile and rotated through a variety of jobs wherever she is needed.

We interviewed Ms Maldonado to find out what keeps her smiling and what she likes best at METS.  

METRONOME: What do you do at Mets?

GLADYS:  My title is attendance coordinator, but I do a lot.

METRONOME: Do you do any extracurricular activities for Mets?

GLADYS: Well, right now, I am doing tutoring after school because I am working at the security desk.  I am still doing attendance for the after school clubs. I deal with parents as well.

METRONOME: Is this what you thought you would be doing as a career?

GLADYS: Well, no. I am a Leo and a king, I always wanted to do whatever I wanted.  In life, you have to deal with what you find in your way. I love to dance and paint.

METRONOME: Why not be a teacher here?

GLADYS:  Well, I did not think it would pay much.

METRONOME:  Is this the first school you worked at?

GLADYS:   No, I worked at a bilingual school in Puerto Rico for three years.

METRONOME: What kind of teacher were you?

GLADYS: I was an ESL teacher for kindergarten.

METRONOME: Are you married?

GLADYS:  Yes, I am.

METRONOME:   Do you have kids?


METRONOME: Do you have any pets?

GLADYS: I used to but, no, not now.  I used to have a farm.

METRONOME: So, do you like animals?

GLADYS: Yes, any animal you can think of… I have had.

METRONOME: So do you have the farm now?

GLADYS: I grew up in Puerto Rico.  When I moved, I had to let it go.

METRONOME: How long have you worked here?

GLADYS: It’s  going to be five years.

METRONOME: If you could lunch with three people dead, alive, fiction or nonfiction who would it be?

GLADYS:  My uncle, my grandma, and Chiane.

Now, we know a lot about Ms. Maldonado-Diaz. Ms. Maldonado used to have a farm in Puerto Rico. Ms. Maldonado takes cares of everyone like they were her own children. Ms. Maldonado loves animals and was a wonderful teacher. Every day, Ms. Maldonado works hard to help keep METS running. Ms. Maldonado works in the schools office during the day and in a classroom after school. The Metronome thanks her for taking time from her busy day to let us get to know her!