Interview With The Homecoming King, Briana Lee


Lisbeth Evangelista

Briana Lee and Pariss Moore

Anas Mraihy, Profile Interviewer

On December 12, 2018, The Metronome had an opportunity to interview Briana Lee about what it was like to be the first METS Homecoming King.  She also broke gender barriers by running for the Royal Court’s King. She gave The Metronome a candid honest interview discussing how she decided to run and how supportive her friends were.


The Metronome:  Why did you decide to go for homecoming king?

Briana Lee:  I decided to be homecoming king because every girl was going to go for Queen, so I decided to be different from everybody else. Also, I decided to run for King because my girlfriend was running for Queen.


The Metronome:  Was there backlash for running for King instead of Queen, because of your gender?

Briana Lee:  No, everyone in my circle was supportive with my decision to run for king. There was no backlash at all about running for King since the candidates were as supportive of me as I was to them.


The Metronome:  How did you become homecoming king?

Briana Lee:  By having fellow classmates vote for me and campaigning for myself.


The Metronome:  Did anyone tell you to go for homecoming king?

Briana Lee: No, I wanted to try for something different.


The Metronome:  What was most memorable about the whole experience?

Briana Lee:  The most memorable thing about me the experience was winning it. I had no idea I was actually going to win.I wasn’t confident in myself because I thought Ivan was going to win the whole time.


The Metronome:  What was your peers reaction to you becoming homecoming king?

Briana Lee:  Everyone was shocked when I won Homecoming King. I was shocked myself. I didn’t think that I was gonna actually going to win because I was a girl.  Everyone I was going up against was a guy.


The Metronome: How did you campaign to become homecoming king?

Briana Lee:I made a poster and put it up all around the school. Also, I screamed in the halls that everyone should vote for me for Homecoming King .


The Metronome thanks Briana Lee for sitting down with us to share her experience.