Artist Corner Spotlights Zezlet Kae Depano

Another Amazing METS Artist Shows Great Potential!

Paula Maglione

Mr. Jean-Louis, a teacher at METS Charter School, has allowed us to talk to one of his excellent students, Zezlet Kae Depano. Zezlet is an exceptional student who loves her art. Zezlet is in Mr. Jean-Louis’ first and second period on a B-day. Zezlet not only has a unique name, but original style as well. Zezlet is well-known in art class. Zezlet puts in 100% and nothing less. Zezlet is always on top of her work and is an excellent student.  Plus, her teachers consider her a pleasure to have in class. To date, Zezlet has completed many pieces.

Metronome:  Why did you chose art?

Zezlet: I chose art because it allows me to express my feelings through colors and density.

Metronome: Do any of your siblings do art?

Zezlet:  No.

Metronome:  How does that make you feel?

Zezlet:  It is weird that I am the only member of my family that does art.  In my house, most art projects fall to me.

Metronome: Is that hard?

Zezlet:  No.

Metronome: What do you do with your freetime?

Zezlet: When I am free, I like to read books and watch sports.

Metronome: What extracurricular activities or sports do you play?

Zezlet:  Hockey, in the winter.

Metronome: Is this your first art class?

Zezlet: No.

Metronome: Would you like to take more?

Zezlet: I would love to take more art classes to meet more artists and learn more about it.  I also enjoy the practice.

Metronome: Do you want art to be your career?

Zezlet: I am not sure at the moment.

Metronome: If you could have lunch with three people fictional, dead, alive, or real, who would it be?

Zezlet: Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson, and Goddess Athena.

The Metronome learned that Zezlet has done an amazing job on a new creative piece earning her this month’s artist profile. Zezlet is the only one in her family that enjoys art. Not only is Zezlet artistic, but she is an athlete as well. Zezlet enjoys hockey in winter and art all year around. Zezlet does not know if it is a career option but, does her best all the time. Art for Zezlet is a way to express her emotions. Zezlet loves the idea of a place to express her feelings in color. Zezlet is a great artist and enjoys Mr. Jean-Louis classes.