The Princess and the Baker


Geneis Beltre, Staff Writer

After watching the movie “The princess switch” on netflix, i would like to give my honest opinion about it.The princess switch is a movie that recently aired on Netflix on November 16th 2018. Although it is a romance movie, it is also a movie that features the holidays.

The princess switch is a romance movie in which two completely different but have identical appearances women find each other and decide to switch lives for 2 days. The main characters are Stacy, Duchess Margaret, Prince Edward, and Kevin. Stacy and Duchess Margaret are both played by Vanessa Hudgens, a 29-year old American Actress. Prince Edward is played by Sam Palladio who is a 32-year old British actor. And Kevin who is played by Nick Sagar who is also a 29-year old British/American Actor.This movie takes place is both Chicago and a place called Belgravia and took place just a week before Christmas

I believe all the actors/actresses did a fantastic job. But the person I believe did the best job was Vanessa Hudgens. In this movie she played two different characters. Stacy and Duchess Margaret. Both of these characters had two different accents. I believe that must’ve been very complicated to do . And since it was the same person, having both characters in the same scene must’ve also took a lot of work and dedication.Therefore, I believe she did the best job during this whole movie.

I believe this movie was a great movie. What I liked the most was the whole romance idea behind it . And how the two women pulled off the switching stunt. What I didn’t really like was the ending. It was cute and all but it was definitely questionable. Besides that everything was great. The music was great and fit perfectly with the scenes. The dialogue was also good and natural.

I believe that the whole family could watch this movie and enjoy it. But since it is a romance movie I believe that teenagers and older people would enjoy it more. I would rate this movie a G. There is nothing inappropriate about this movie. It is a family movie. This movie is considered a good movie in my opinion. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.