New Metal Detectors: What’s your Opinion

Ann Morello, Staff Writer

Students and staff arrived at school on December 3 to find the entrance occupied by new metal detectors.  Mr. Frye, the principal and acting superintendent says that they are there ” in response to the recent surge in school violence across the country”. When students asked AJ, Head of Security, he simply replied that it is for the students’ security.

An unofficial survey of students and parents showed varied responses.  They commented on enforcement and need.

“They making them put they bags in the bin, and letting them walk through then they not even checking it right,” said an anonymous 9th grader.

“The metal detectors may appear to be a nuisance to you in the beginning as a student, but in the long run, I believe it will serve as a deterrent to those who may have funny ideas in their head, especially when it comes to guns.” This is the opinion of Eric Asante, the father of a ninth grader.

“I feel as though they are unnecessary, because students should know not to bring weapons or anything like that to school,” said Salma E., a freshman.

“I feel like the metal detectors are a stretch because they didn’t even give us a heads up about it or tell us why they’re doing this. At the same time it’s keeping us safe. So, it just would’ve been better if they gave us a heads up,” said another freshman, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Daniel D., another freshman, said ” I think the metal detectors are a good idea. They are there to keep everyone in the building safe. The only thing I don’t like is the situation from Monday that everyone was waiting outside and late to class. Hopefully, that doesn’t  happen again.”

“I don’t see why we have metal detectors because of a bomb threat. If anyone was smart enough to  make a bomb they wouldn’t be in METS,” said a male junior student.

 “The metal detector? Because its useless; a waste of time and waste of money,” said a female student.

“We don’t need them and why get them now?” said Abigail.

“Even if it’s for protection, students always find a way to sneak something in,” said Chloe.

“The metal detectors are unnecessary. Because most of the time they’re off; even if I have my phone in my pocket and they use the wand on me it doesn’t work.” said another anonymous student.  

Marty said,  “So I think they are pointless because I can literally put my items in my bookbag. Put my bookbag on the table next to the metal detector when I walk in. Walk through the metal detector because I have no metals on me. Pick up my bookbag and go. What’s the point of having a metal detector if your security won’t check your bags?”

Zack said,  “The metal detectors, now it depends whether  the security guards are actually going to use them or not cause I walk in everyday and all I have to do is say “hi” and walk through the metal detector that’s not even on.”