Interview With Our Homecoming Queen

Pariss Moore Talks About Her Crown


Sy’Asia Hutcherson, Profile Interviewer

On November 13th, Pariss Moore was elected Homecoming Queen. This reporter had a chance to sit down with her and get her thoughts on the process and the outcome.

The Metronome: What made you run for Homecoming Queen ?

Pariss:  I see it in movies and I wanted to know how it felt to win a crown.

The Metronome: How did you campaign ?

Pariss: I put multiple pictures of me on a poster. I posted it in the “hot spots” in the hallways of the school. I also told family and friends to vote.

The Metronome: How did you feel during the election ?

Pariss: I felt very anxious and impatient.

The Metronome: Did you feel any competition ? And why ?

Pariss: Yes, because I was the only one with multiple people voting for me in the campaign.

The Metronome: Was there any negative energy during the process ?

Pariss: There was a little bit but I didn’t take it to the heart.

The Metronome: Were your friends supportive ?

Pariss: Yes, they definitely were.

The Metronome: How did you feel at the party?  

Pariss: I had fun hanging out with friends I don’t usually meet with.

The Metronome: When they called all of the candidates on stage , what were thoughts in that moment?

Pariss: I’m going to get embarrassed on stage.

The Metronome: Did you expect them to call your name ?

Pariss: No, I thought they were going to call Briana Orlando.

The Metronome: Was the experience worth it ?

Pariss: Yes, because I felt like I was in a movie.


The Metronome thanks Pariss Moore for an honest conversation about her experience of becoming Homecoming Queen.