Learning About Teachers from Mr. Jean-Louise


 Marquise Nesmith, Profile Interviewer

In METS many students have a favorite teacher.  Mr. Jean-Louise is one of the most talked about teachers at METS. The students feel that this teacher understands them and tries to make sure his pupils are okay. He wants to be the best teacher he can be and wants to make sure that we will be successful. The students love the things he is teaching them and want to learn more. They feel like he is one of the top teaches at METS that makes a big impact.  His work effort is amazing! He shows his students what’s right from wrong so they can stay out of trouble like a father figure.

Marquise: How do you feel about METS?

Jean-Louise:  I feel like METS is a great school and can help us out in the feature

Marquise:  What are things you hate or would change about METS?

Jean-Louise:  I wouldn’t change METS. I would just give more money to the technology part of the school, so we can have more equipment.  We can do better projects if we have better connections to the internet.

Marquise:   What do you like most about your job?

Jean-Louise:   I love to be able to be a part of helping students pick out what they might want to do in and with your lives. I expect my students to understand they have more than one opportunity to do great in life.

Marquise: How did mets affect your life?

Jean-Louise:  METS affects my life by helping me learn how to control different situations and  helped teach me how to talk to people with an open mind on different things.

Jean-Louise feels that METS is a great school and can help build a great background for the students. He’s learned from METS and working here has affected him in so many ways. Over the years, he has gained relationships with the student body and helps the students in his classrooms to do better.