Behind, the Film, Mr. Wilson

"Mr. Wilson is a man of mystery..."


John Meza, Profile Interviewer

Mr. Wilson is a man of mystery to some who have never been in his class.  However,  it has almost been his first year here at M.E.T.S, as a Computer Arts teacher in Room 4. The majority of students do not fully know him, so the METronome decided to have a interview with him.

The METronome: What jobs and experiences have led you to your present position?

Mr.Wilson: My experience in the film and animation industry led me to my present position as a CTE teacher.

The METronome: What things did you do before you entered this occupation?

Mr.Wilson: I worked at the boardwalk in point pleasant beach in New Jersey, worked in a video store in Philadelphia, I was a landscaper, I was a fishmonger in Austin, Texas and New York City.  I was also an animation compositor at Cartoon Network in Burbank, California

The METronome: What do you like most about Mets Charter School?

Mr.Wilson: What I like most is the students.

The METronome: Why do you like the students?

Mr.Wilson: I like the students mostly because the students come from so many backgrounds. I like the energy of the students and Jersey City.  I feel like the students try to carry that energy into the classroom and that’s very exciting for me.

The METronome: Are there other things you are expected to do outside of work hours?

Mr.Wilson: Teachers are expected to do a lot of work outside of school hours to prepare for time in the classroom. Specifically for computer arts, I have to do a lot of post production work to help the students move their film and video projects along because of the time constraints.

The MEtronome: What are some of the important things students should learn about video production?

Mr.Wilson: They need to learn frame composition and they need to understand how to break a scene down into individual shots that tell the story in the most effective way. They need to understand rhythm and timing and how to direct actors to get great performances.

The METronome: Where are you from? Your ethnicity?

Mr.Wilson: I’m from New Jersey but I’ve lived all over the country.  I feel like I’m from all over at this point in time, because I move so much, but I basically grew up at the shore in New Jersey. My family background is 100% Sicilian on my mom’s side and my dad’s side of the family is English, Scottish, and Irish mixed.  My dad’s family has been in this country since like the 1600’s and my mom’s side were Italian immigrants.

The METronome: If you could go back in time to when you were in High School what advice would you give to yourself knowing what you know now?

Mr.Wilson: To not be concerned of what other people think about you and to try and learn as much as you can by listening to other people by not talking as much.  Since that was a problem to me, I was overly self conscious in high school.

Thank you, Mr.Wilson, for your time and we hope you have a good time at M.E.T.S!