Artist Corner With Joan Mena


Paula Maglione, Reporter

Mr. Jean-Louis, a teacher at METS Charter School, has allowed us to talk to one of his most impressive artists, Senior,  Joan Mena. Joan Mena is a shy and creative high school kid here at Mets Charter School. He has two brothers who also attend Mets. He works hard and does what he needs to maintain grades high enough to play sports as well. His completed work is very good and has received his teacher’s highest praises.  He has already completed two pieces on display in the basement. The following is our recent interview with Joan Mena:

Metronome- Why did you choose this class?

Joan- I chose the class because I thought it would be fun. Now, I do it as a way to relieve stress, plus it is very fun.

Metronome- How many pieces have you done?

Joan- Two.

Metronome- What do these pieces mean?

Joan- “Stussy” is from a name or word I came up with as a kid. “Everything” is from just life.

Metronome- How did you come up with “Stussy”?

Joan- I do not know exactly. I was looking for words with “S” and made up my own.

Metronome- What’s your background? Does any family do art?

Joan- No.

Metronome- Do you want to pursue this in the future after high school?

Joan- No, it is just something fun and creative to do now.

Metronome- How long have you taken computer arts classes? Who is your teacher?

Joan- This is my first year. Mr Jean Louis.

Metronome- Explain what you do in three words? What types of art have you done?

Joan- Art is creative, fun, and something to waste time. I have only done graphic art.

Metronome- How has your practice changed over time? Do you have any advice for those who are not good at it?

Joan- Keep practicing.

Metronome- What art do you most identify with?

Joan- My own. I chose to do what I can.

OUR TAKE: Joan Mena is an intelligent and shy kid. His art classes are fun, a great distraction, and help keep his stress level low.  He advice is, “Keep practicing.” Mets Charter School tries their best and is always proud of what they do. Joan Mena does not only do graphic design, but he also plays volleyball, which he is good at as well. He is a great student who loves to do a little art on his free time. Thanks Joan!