New Year, New Principal, New Ideas

BryAnne Freeman


      METS Charter School’s new Principal, Damion Frye, comes to improve the school and he brings history and experience along with him. Mr. Frye is a family man with a wife and four sons, but before his family life he worked as a DJ while attending Bates College and Brown University. His first teaching position was as a kindergarten teacher for deaf students. Going forward in his career, he became a middle school teacher, teaching math, science, and English for all grades. He then went on to teach high school English.  Frye has been teaching for a total of thirteen years. He brings all his prior knowledge to METS to help improve it.

      His plans for future school years are to add more electives and courses such as technology, social studies, civics, music production and  theory, fashion design, and electrical construction. These are creative ideas and Frye does have a solution to the shortage of classrooms. Frye says that he would look at what rooms are being used during certain periods and that there is usually at least one room available every period. He would have to use creative scheduling to get students placed in these new classes.