Senior Advisers Have Big Plans

Will You Be Involved?

Lizzie Reyes, Staff Writer

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METS Charter School’s senior advisers, Ms. Casella and Ms. Zamora, selflessly invested  a lot of their summer time into planning and receiving approval for the following exciting activities!


  • Fall Formal
  • Halloween Basket Raffle
  • Carnival


  • Seniors Give Back (Volunteer experience)
  • Senior Harvest Dinner (Friendsgiving-type dinner)


  • Toys For Tots
  • Holiday Basket Raffle
  • Ugly Sweater Contest


  • Winter Wonderland Dance (tentative)


According to Casella, she didn’t decide to be senior adviser; she was asked to because she knew a lot of what to do and what not to do. In fact, many of these ideas were inspired by what worked with previous graduation classes. The advisers attempt to incorporate things from the past and make them better. METS Charter School’s senior advisers also obtain ideas from what other schools are doing. One thing that the advisers do complain about is the lack of participation and sense of entitlement from some of the students. Casella expresses that “some students don’t realize how much goes into planning, how many hours are required after school and on weekends”.  She emphasizes that the more participation there is, the smoother things run. However, she does acknowledge a select group of students are very “involved and appreciative,” as opposed to last year when she had to do much by herself. The goal of all of these events is to raise so much money that students get to do things, such as attend trips, for free.. But for that, it is crucial that people participate.