Senior Andrew Soto designs shirts for Class of 2018

METS senior is off to Bloomfield College in the fall

Andrew Soto wanted to make an impact in his final year at METS Charter School.

So when Ms. Casella wanted someone to design T-shirts for the Class of 2018, Soto took a chance. He did not like the design that other students came up with so he tried one himself.

He was successful, and now the Class of 2018 T-shirts feature his design.

“Well, (Casella) was looking to do senior shirts from the beginning, so I just contributed,” he said.

Soto, who played for the METS basketball team this past winter, is involved in graphic arts at METS.

He said he was honored by a chance to show Ms Casella his creativity and the seniors as well.

Here’s the rest of our interview with Andrew.

Metronome-  How did you come up with the idea for the shirts?

Photo by Mr. Schmerler
METS senior Andrew Soto

Andrew- Ms. Casella came up to me and asked me to help and when she showed me the designs she had I did not like them. So I took it upon myself to come up with some of my own.

Metronome- Whose idea was it to make it for the seniors?

Andrew- It was mine.

Metronome-  Are you involved in any school activities?

Andrew- Basketball and honors classes.

Metronome- Why did Ms. Casella choose you to help?

Andrew- I think because she knows I am in graphic design and knows I am really good with it.

Metronome-  How did you come up with the design by yourself?

Andrew- I have been taking graphic design for a while, not only here but at other schools as well.

Metronome- How do you know the seniors will like it?

Andrew- I asked everyone before I suggested it to Ms Casella.

Thank you, Andrew!