METS PROM, 2018: Massive photo gallery!

Send us your pics, and this massive prom photo gallery will get even bigger!

Photo by Mr. Chen

By all accounts, the METS Charter Senior Prom, 2018, was a massive success … so here’s a MASSIVE PHOTO GALLERY to commemorate the event!

The Prom 2018 king and queen were:

METS Jersey City: Angel Soto and Carolina Sampson

METS Newark: Nashawn Moore and Precious Torrez

Send us YOUR PICS to make this gallery even more massive! You’ll be able to check in and see the highlights of your night whenever you want.

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Photo by Ms. Casella
Prom King Angel Soto, left, and Queen Carolina Sampson, right, at the Prom, 2018.


Photo by Ms. Casella
METS Newark Prom King Nashawn Moore, left, and Queen Precious Torrez.